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Our Strengths

MyTech Solutions is a worldwide travel technology innovation organization giving complete online travel Solutions for different Online travel groups. We create and deliver Travel Booking Engines, Travel White labels, Dynamic Sites, Mobile Applications Reservation system for Flights, Hotels, Cars, Bundles Tours, Train, Transport, Cruise and so on in B2B2C, B2B and B2C front end and numerous more administrations. Recognized as one of the “Top 10 Best Web Development Company” by StartupCity Magazine in July ‘ 2016

We have empowered various world enterprises to form their business proceedings smooth and efficient. Our imbibed understanding of customers’ priorities has led us to deliver superior quality projects within the proper time-lines. To higher sense and answer the requirements of your customers, or threats from your competitors, you’ll need facilitate from partners who perceive your business processes, your business, and also the unique opportunities and challenges your business faces. The on demand curriculum needs concurrent speed and power-on a restricted budget.

Our approach focuses on new ways of Business combining IT Innovation and Adoption while also leveraging an Organization’s current IT assets. We work with large Global Corporations and new Generation Technology Companies – to build new Products or Services and to Implement Prudent Business and Technology Strategies in Today’s Dynamic Digital Environment.

Multiple Skills and Competencies combine to realize Technology – Driven Business Transformation. As Organization constantly strive to iterate their Business and IT Strategies, MyTech’s well-owned Capabilities and Methodologies for IT Services complement our Business Consulting Services to Define, Optimize and align our Client’s Business Strategy with Technology Initiatives.

Our Services address specific needs of Enterprise IT Programs, or Communications and Internet Technology Product Development, and also Engineering Product Design and Data Management. Clients benefit from seamless co-ordination across Strategy,Implementation and Management of their Technology Programs and from our expertise in focused Industries, strong Quality Orientation, Cross – Technology Expertise, and Distributed Project Management capabilities.

YOU – The owner of Travel portal

Gaining the whole presence is extremely essential to fuel the enlargement of your travel business. A sensible approach and a robust one, that defines the longer term state of travel trade, is the well-designed travel portal.

The Internet has strong potential and it will promote all major industries across the sector with none boundaries including Travel and tourism sector. This sector is further demanding and fruitful as individuals are likely to get the wonder and mysterious things of god creation on earth.

The recent trend of Travel portal development has helped the travel trade to follow a step process of growth. Travel portal development is associated to the implementation of travel technology within the field of travel sector. (Images of benefits of online travel portal)

Benefits of Online Travel Portal Development For Travel Industry

  • Saves time and money.

  • Minimize your maintenance cost.

  • Offer real time data access.

  • Helpful in expansion of your business.

  • Minimized order processing costs.

  • 24*7 interactions with customers.

  • Instant reservation or booking facilities of flights, tour packages etc.

Travel Portals primarily provides the buyers or booking agents with travel data, bookings, and all the required data that one might have while travelling. These travel portals fetch data from central servers that have granted them the required permission and supply users with the most cost effective fares and also the best possible service, something that users want all the time.

Travel Portal are often classified in some major forms of portal like Flight Booking, vacation Packages, automobile Booking, Taxi/Bus Booking, and much more Users will merely look for hotels and book them online. they will read their account details, booking stage, seat number easily. Booking a price {ticket} or cancelling a ticket becomes terribly easy.

It is a correct way to do promotions of business and by online selling you'll extremely get a lot of potential customers. It's quiet useful for travellers to reserve their air tickets online or rent a car online for needed time interval.

Online Travel Portals provide the mandatory foundation to create upon and expand growth within the company. In simple words it’s a structured gateway that helps to structure the access to data found on the web. Our skilled net developers will deliver customized travel portals that go well with the provisions of the clients as well as the visitors.

GDS integration service for Travel portal

GDS stands for Global Distribution System. GDS centralizes services and provide travel related transactions via computer networks or platforms. They cover everything from airline tickets, to car rentals, to hotel rooms, and more.

Global Distribution System is also called as “Computer Reservation System” (CRS) which  are computerized systems used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel, hotels, car rental, or other activities.

GDS system was basically designed for Air-lines system. But as per time, it goes on extending to Travel system also… Right now, GDS is allowing users to book tickets from various providers to make them choice. GDS also plays the role of Back End to most Internet based travel services.

However, different GDS are still providing the services to limited number of airlines. For example, PARS by USAir, Worldspan by Delta, Sabre is used by American Airlines etc. Other major global distribution systems include Galileo, TravelSky, and Worldspan.

GDS always plays a vital role in travel portal. Although the traditional role of GDS is changing so as to meet the changes that happens in travel sector; GDS acts as a core element for travel system.

Two important considerations impacting the role of global distribution systems are :

  1. Online travel website provides various rate cards for different packages and even facilitates with customization of package as per required; hence leading to the tremendous growth of online travel sector across the world.
  2. GDS has been pushed for more integrations due to steady growth in online business of airline service providers and other travel service providers, that encourage consumers to make more and more online bookings via their websites. For example,

Many airlines companies incentivised travellers for the purchase or booking of tickets directly from their websites, to let travellers generate additional revenue. Some airlines are even imposing additional fees for tickets booked through a global distribution system, rather than the airline's website.

While such changes will definitely impact the future growth opportunities of travel system, the global distribution systems will continue holding the key role for them, as they has been evolved to meet the needs of travel planners, travel websites, airlines and even the group of individuals.

MyTech Solutions works on the following Global Distribution System :

  • Sabre
  • Amadeus
  • Travel Port UAPI

Third Party API’s include :

  • Worldspan
  • Affordable cars
  • Hotel Beds &
  • Multicom
  • Room XML
  • Jumbo
  • Tourico
  • Triton
  • TravelFusion
  • And many more…

Taking your business to the peak with B2B and B2C Booking Engines

More and more firms are marketing to customers as well as businesses so as to grow sales and increase their market share. Enterprises that either build a product or sell in larger quantities can benefit economies of scale and create vast margins selling direct to client instead of simply selling to businesses at a bulk discount.

One of the foremost but obvious used cases of merchandising to each businesses and customers is that the manufacturer typically cannot sell enough products direct to client to hide all sales and have faith in B2B sales. However, the benefit from the gross margin of operation the middleman with direct to client sales is too high to ignore.

Traditionally, many companies have split up their sites for B2B and B2C channels to simplify operations because the two markets were so different. Amazon even did this with a different wholesale URL. They eventually shut this site down and recently integrated B2B into the flagship so now you can simply buy as a business and consumer. Why did they make this switch? Of course here must be some major benefit if the largest eCommerce company in the world made this decision.


  1. A single site allows you to manage all your products in a single unique database. You may want to toggle between on and off for some products for certain users, not for all, or for B2B vs B2C clients… It is much easier to manage it via B2B and B2C system; rather than maintaining it in multiple catlogues
  2. You have to manage the whole of the entire process on only one theme and code base. Moreover, Its much more easier to manage a single site than two. Additional personalization is needed; but that consumes less time and efforts than maintaining two different sites.
  3. One of the key benefits of using B2B and B2C sites is you have only one site.. So, the clients needs to remember just a single site, single Brand to promote avoiding the confusion as where to go. This leads to easier mode for marketing and promotions.
  4. Sometimes there is lot of technical work to be done to make a single site work for both B2B and B2C. This is because with one website, you only have one place to integrate into systems like an ERP, CRM, and other systems. This makes your systems and integrations very consolidate, rather than running multiple websites, that needs separate integrations for respective sites.
  5. Online business has occupied the entire market today. Time is the main asset of an employee, and no one likes to waste this valuable time in travelling to a store and speaking about the product on the phone. Hence, the application launched, based on B2B and B2C business ethics, that allows costumer to search for the product, learn about the product and buy it for easy and convenient mode of payments, as per his needs.

The B2B and B2C site technology can simplify your business and helps you move forward faster in the eCommerce world.

Online Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking system is primarily based on Hotel Booking Engine; which allows user to process online hotel reservations securely. The hotel booking development software company provides booking engine, that is B2B and B2C. Increasing Revenue generation, profitability and efficiency can be achieved by using hotel booking application.

MyTech Solutions provide user-friendly display for users, giving them the comfort zone to search and reserve their rooms as per their needs and wants, via booking engine. We provide online hotel booking system which enables you to generate the complete report of Room availability, Check-in and Check-out timing, Images of room/hotel, Facilities and other Greetings we provide, with all other required information.

Our online hotel booking system displays real-time information of availability of rooms to the admin. Boost your bookings with MyTech Solutions hotel booking system to gear up your high conversions efficiently and more effectively.

Benefits of using MyTech’s  Hotel Booking Engine

  • Customer saves his time and efforts by booking his services online.

  • Multiple choice for rooms are available as per needs and wants, just at one click

  • Enables hotels to present in global market place.

  • Customizable room booking system

  • Great UI enables travellers to book rooms safely and effectively

  • Google maps location helps customer to find you easily

  • Integrated Payment Gateway option allows users to make payment securely with various modes of payment, like card payment, online transfer etc. directly into your bank account.

  • You can get direct commission free bookings.

  • Direct bookings assist you in building your hotel’s own complete.

  • You can style your own booking and cancellation policy.

  • It helps in building client loyalty towards your source

  • Reduces responsibleness on OTAs and different travel agents

  • You are on the market 24×7 to require reservations.


Not only the hotelier, but even the guests get special benefits by using online hotel booking system. They can book anytime with the building. Get their queries resolved quickly by directly communicating with hotels. Possibility to induce a lot of advantages by booking directly over OTAs and different travel agents.

Some of the advance benefits that user can get are :

  • Go Global

  • Customization

  • Looker to Booker

  • Google Hotel ads

  • Responsive Booking Engine

  • Reports and Analysis

  • Metasearch Engines

  • Integration

  • Guests Engagements

  • Packages and Promotions

Flight Booking System

Want to get an application for Flight booking system, or a travel portal, or a mobile application for travel company..? We are here to serve you with the best solutions. MyTech Solutions is one among the best travel technology companies in the world. The team excellence and expertise has made our company one of the leading source for travel booking system.

Now, coming to Flight booking system, involves Flight reservation system, Air ticket booking application, and many more. We design and develop Flight Booking Software keeping in mind the most convenient and easiest way to handle the application by your users, giving them the more facilities in the app as we can, using the latest tools and technologies.

We support business modules on B2B and B2C basis, with integration of GDS system based on Client’s requirements.

MyTech Flight Booking System is completely developed with modern, easy-to-use interface, and robust architecture in the back, which will lead to reserve and book your flight tickets efficiently, just at single click.

The helping hand of MyTech for Flight Reservation System…

  • Increases efficiency – Due to robust architecture, you can handle more reservations without any need to add a new staff, by selling air tickets directly from back office system.

  • Reduces cost – The app can handle multiple tasks at a time, reducing the man work. So, there is no need of specialized or certified staff to be recruited explicitly.

  • Revenue Generation – MyTech offers your clients to book flight tickets anytime any where being with them 24/7, on your online B2B and B2C websites.

Additional Benefits

  • An Employee will seek for tickets inside multiple systems right away.

  • An Employee doesn’t got to have special data regarding GDS to urge the simplest price ticket doable for his or her shoppers because the process is completed through associate intuitive point-and-click interface.

  • You can save your time and money as a result of a single person is attending all the process of selling other travel products, flight tickets and even combine the two for sale.

  • Airline tickets are simply added to packages (itineraries, quotes), that sometimes embrace accommodation, activities, and alternative travel product.

  • You can apply your specific (and already defined) market/customer margin rates to flight ticket costs. The client information is already available within the CRM a part of the MyTech travel technology software system solution.

  • Manage flight ticket changes and cancellations from the MyTech interface.

Payment Gateway Integration

You, as a owner of travel company/agency, needs to accept the payments even through cards or online transfer. There, you need the highly secured payment gateway for secured payments and this can be achieved by the Travel Technology Company, which provides the Payment gateway integration service.

MyTech Solutions provide the Best Payment Gateway Integration Service, enabling to choose the right payment gateway which is best suited for your travel business.

Our quick payment option and smart recommendations not only gives the most popular and frequently used payment choice to the customer; but also recommend them with the simple payment techniques for their ease by evaluating the choices for high success rate. The efficient and powerful payment gateway will lead to enable your customers to make payments quickly and efficiently.

Payment Gateways allows customer to use credit card, debit card, online transfer, international card, UPIs, EMIs on card and e-wallet in real time, while doing payment. It acts as an interface between the Travel agency account and the Merchant account. 

Features of Payment Gateway :

  1. It supports various mode for payment like credit card, debit card, online transfer etc.

  2. The security of payment transfer is at high priority

  3. It provides customized payment gateway integrations

  4. It gives real time instant information

  5. You can even have the option for multi-currency conversions

The key benefits of using Payment Gateway:

  1. Secured dealing process

  2. Easy report generation

  3. Customised gateway as per the need of payment mode

  4. Protects merchants from fraud (if any attempt)

  5. Can be integrated with the opposite channels like web site, Mobile Devices & instruction execution

  1. Enables multiple currency payments

Mobile Application For Travel Companies

We can generate a huge revenue through mobile app for travel company. Travel companies are hiring mobile app development firms to build an app and grow their businesses

The travel companies has grown rapidly since last few years. Mobile application for travel company contributes a very vital role in the growth and development of travel company in terms of revenue generation.

One of the best way to serve ease to your client is to develop travel application. Technology lifted travel industry in such a way that now it is unbeatable, growing at its fastest speed, and having visible extra-ordinary change in travel sector.

Statistics review how mobile application will grow your travel business

  • 85% of travellers book flight tickets, hotels, car on rent and other travel activities using travel apps

  • 70% of youth adults search their expected hotels and book rooms through travel apps

  • 60% of travellers find their way where to go and how to reach through navigation application such as Google Maps and Citymapper

  • 54% of travellers look for restaurants and local cafes using apps like Yelp and Tripadvisor

The above results conclude that there is a huge market and on growing demand for mobile app for travellers, presenting your product in front of your customer, with full potential without any hesitation.

Therefore, if you own the tours and travels business, no doubt it will give you a fruitful future; getting your application created by the trust worthy travel application development company.

API Development And Integration

The API is primarily glorious for Application Programming Interface, is a set of programming commands that are required for getting access to a database, web Applications, and alternative data sources that need to be accessed for business. The API is hosted between 2 applications that is your business Applications and alternative business applications to line up communication for your business success and growth.

A widespread approach to Application programming interface development by exploitation the SOAP technique through which the web Services or APIs become platform independent. By using identical procedure the data may be processed and transferred from one application to another.

Some of the common APIs that we work on are :

Worldspan, Amadeus, Affordable Car,, (for search and details only), Tourico, Multicom, RoomXML, TravelPort Universal API, JumboXML, Triton, Sabre, Google Map API, Rest API , Paypal API

API may be outlined as an online programming interface of the organization. It permits applications to communicate with backend systems.

An application programming interface creates a channel for the corporate to sell its merchandise and services online. API permits access of services by adding codes to applications. It more enhances property and bolsters functionality.

Swiggy, Zomato etc are the best examples of APIs that ties a seamless communication between various applications. It is the only API that enables the application (Swiggy/Zomato) to show the restaurant location on google map to the user.

Changing Technologies in fastest growing world

We resides in the fastest growing era. Futurist’s of 1950’s and 60’s has defined that by the 2000’s, flying cars, airborne robots, multi-media systems, social networks, smart phones and many more will become a part of our everyday lives.

Although those forecasters haven’t got the timing right; but they predicted the correct technology. Today, we are developing technologies like self-driving vehicles, robot assistance, multi-functional applications and yet much more to develop by upcoming years.

It wont take much time when the technology will show its impact, how it changed our lives just at one click. Researches shows that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming much more smarter than the human who has created it.

AI-powered robots are going to be used to perform exactness tasks in operation theaters. whereas AI systems can be used to facilitate diagnose and prevent any probably deadly illness long before they seem in your body. AI can amend the manner we tend to work and make.

Technologies has changed how we watch tv
Technologies has changed how we date
Technologies has changed how we live in and outside of our homes
Technologies has changed how we pay bills and transfer money
Technologies has changed how we communicate
Technologies has changed how we stay safe
Technologies continue to change……….

MyTech Solutions was established in 2012 with the aim of bridging the gap of user experience and best talents, particularly in the online managed travel and hospitality sector. Jumping on the bandwagon of opportunities, MyTech has emerged into one of the most trusted allies through its end-to-end web development solutions.

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