Changing Technologies in fastest growing world

We resides in the fastest growing era. Futurist’s of 1950’s and 60’s has defined that by the 2000’s, flying cars, airborne robots, multi-media systems, social networks, smart phones and many more will become a part of our everyday lives.

Although those forecasters haven’t got the timing right; but they predicted the correct technology. Today, we are developing technologies like self-driving vehicles, robot assistance, multi-functional applications and yet much more to develop by upcoming years.

It wont take much time when the technology will show its impact, how it changed our lives just at one click. Researches shows that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming much more smarter than the human who has created it.

AI-powered robots are going to be used to perform exactness tasks in operation theaters. whereas AI systems can be used to facilitate diagnose and prevent any probably deadly illness long before they seem in your body. AI can amend the manner we tend to work and make.

Technologies has changed how we watch tv
Technologies has changed how we date
Technologies has changed how we live in and outside of our homes
Technologies has changed how we pay bills and transfer money
Technologies has changed how we communicate
Technologies has changed how we stay safe
Technologies continue to change……….

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