API Integration

The API is primarily glorious for Application Programming Interface, is a set of programming commands that are required for getting access to a database, web Applications, and alternative data sources that need to be accessed for business. The API is hosted between 2 applications that is your business Applications and alternative business applications to line up communication for your business success and growth.

A widespread approach to Application programming interface development by exploitation the SOAP technique through which the web Services or APIs become platform independent. By using identical procedure the data may be processed and transferred from one application to another.

Some of the common APIs that we work on are:

Worldspan, Amadeus, Affordable Car, Hotel.com, Hotelbeds.com (for search and details only), Tourico, Multicom, RoomXML, TravelPort Universal API, JumboXML, Triton, Sabre, Google Map API, Rest API , Paypal API




API may be outlined as an online programming interface of the organization. It permits applications to communicate with backend systems.

An application programming interface creates a channel for the corporate to sell its merchandise and services online. API permits access of services by adding codes to applications. It more enhances property and bolsters functionality.

Swiggy, Zomato etc are the best examples of APIs that ties a seamless communication between various applications. It is the only API that enables the application (Swiggy/Zomato) to show the restaurant location on google map to the user.

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